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Khris’s Journal


After some discussion on another blog about birth charts being a major influence on MK Ultra survivors and Military abductees, I wanted to get a copy of mine to see if I could draw a correlation.I have seven signs in the water element, four in the fire, two in air and one in Earth. It appears 50% of my chart is in the water element. I will do further investigating and report back on this journal.


  1. Altairs Attic

    Ive always liked astrology…not a professional but it helped me see people for their differences and that these variations were good..
    As a non- professional it looks at first glance that you made a carreer of heading toward your positive purpose and this is your fortune…its public.
    Sorry but it jumped out at me…of course i have to wonder at your profession now and what it would have been…had we all been in a different time.
    Of course this is just a tiny part of it…There are so many parts to a person.
    “They” saw something very useful.,,and were probably pretty clear on what it was.

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