Letter to The Children

A Letter To The MK-Ultra Children Now Deceased


Khris Speaks

Volume LII


There are specific reasons why this blog exists. I haven’t discussed the reasons why I write on WordPress in any organized detail, until today. First, this blog is for myself.  The blog helps me release the anger, turmoil and pain I’ve experienced as part of a difficult recovery from MK-Ultra and unbearable memories from over thirty years of trauma-based mind control. Second, this blog is for the children who’ve been stolen from their parents and abused, programmed and put into use by the dark-cabal, also known as the Illuminati, for over seventy years. The third reason this blog exists  is to let the dark-cabal know, their game will come to an end. The hour has arrived and the cosmic-fiat has been spoken; their destructive activities shall come to an end on Earth. It may not be overnight, but their insidious-reign is coming to a close. The final reason why this blog exists, is to educate the people of the world about the evil that exists, hidden from the outer sight of nearly all the citizenry on this planet. I do not intend to scare people, nor cause harm, but people must come to understand, there is a sinister-force that affects their lives.

My Letter:

Beloved children, whose lives have been extinguished. Please know: Your lives were not lived in vain. You were stripped from your beds, your homes and your families. You were abducted and kidnapped, deprived of your God-given rights. Your little worlds were turned upside down by evil-forces your innocent minds could not comprehend. You were taken to facilities, hidden away from the masses of people, and you had no voice, no advocate and no chance of freeing yourselves from the black-apostasy they levied against you. Please know, once again, I will be your voice; I will be your advocate. Many others are here to speak to your experiences and pain. You may have left your bodies, left those mortal shells behind, but your memory and your experiences are not lost. I close my eyes to sleep, I hear your screams. I know your pain, I feel your terror. I was once in their custody too. I was taken from my parents and had vile acts committed to my young body. I was forced to kill. I was subjected to pain indescribable. I lived. I don’t know how or why, but I lived. For every person like myself, who lives to tell his or her experiences about these government-sponsored black-projects, you can be assured, thousands died. Thousands exhaled one last time, let go and left their bodies to escape terror so profound, no person could understand fully, unless they’ve experienced it themselves. I will continue to speak for you and tell the story of your lives through my own. No doubt, I will take breaks from time-to-time, but I will push forward in your memory. The dark-lords held you as prisoners with no hope of escape. They baptized you in blood and gave you satanic last-rites. Some of you experienced sleep and food deprivation. Some of you were caged like animals. They experimented on your little bodies. Surgeries were performed to implant you with micro-chips and other secret technologies.  Many of you were tortured to cause you to disassociate. There were many traumas inflicted upon you to accomplish their desires: They beat you, raped you, electrocuted you, drowned you; some of you were shot, stabbed and your genitals were tortured. They fractured your minds and installed alters in you, to program you and train you to perform specific tasks.  Some of you were never to be programmed, but used as fodder, to aid the programming of other children. Under their reign, you were to be couriers, assassins, sex-slaves, used in blood and sex-rituals. Some of you were to be used for off-planet excursions. Some of you would be used for reproductive and genetic purposes. You were forced to witness evil-acts perpetrated against other children. You were forced to see beings and creatures most people deny even exist. You were forced into ceremonies and witnessed reptilian-beings, winged-serpents, vampires, werewolves, bat-people and other shadow and astral-entities. The list of their diabolical intentions could fill an encyclopedia. If a memorial was established, for those whom died, it would surely take more granite than all other memorials combined. If it were to ever happen, I would personally read every last one of your names. Sadly, there is little hope we’ll ever learn your names. I ponder frequently, what will happen when millions of mothers find out what happened to their children and grand-children over the last seventy or so years. I sometimes wonder, if the so-called ruling-class elites and their minions, who administer over these programs, have even thought that through. I imagine often, what the world will look like the next day, after people find out what their own governments have done to their children. When and if that moment arrives, I will stand in silence and reflect upon the journey and know that I can truly rest. Until that day, little ones, I will honor your memories and your lives and will speak for you. You gave your blood, your tears and were forced to give your entire lives to something which never had the right to exist. Know your lives will not be dishonored, not by me and not by many others. Those attempting to satirize, lie and conceal the truth of your lives and experiences, are but beasts, not worthy of mention. I will stand against their selfishness, ignorance and stupidity, to keep your truths pure. To the deceased little boys, which were executed last fall: I will never forget you; I can’t! Your lives were taken by a corruption so profound, the highest-source in the universe would likely call it treason. They killed you to control me. They told me, “We don’t ask questions, we just follow orders.” I have news for those vile-monsters. I’m asking questions and I don’t answer to them, not anymore.  Just know little ones, I will not be silent, I will not stop, until these heinous-regimes and their programs-of-destruction have ceased. In life and death, I will serve to end what never had the right to exist. I swear this.



There are just as many children harmed, abandoned and left out in-the-cold by society each day as there are children conscripted into MK-Ultra and it’s sub-projects. I love and care for those children too. I speak specifically on MK-Ultra because,  it is the nearest cause to my heart.  There are plenty of other causes worthy of mention.


  1. Healthy Skeptic

    I too recently read about Johnny’s story and about the documentary that will be released soon by Rumor films. It is difficult to wrap ones head around the fact that this evil exists, but I believe there is traction that is currently developing…awareness is slowly building. With heavy heart, -C

  2. Scot Wells

    Revelation 6:12-17 Revelation 21:1-8. I heard about Johnny’s story on You Tube and it blew my mind,I don’t know if you believe in God but I assure you He is real and He sees everything!And one day He will come back and take over and we won’t have to worry about these wicked people any more!

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