The Idylwildgroup is Micheal Hemmingson – A Child Pornographer



The Author of the Idylkwildgroup is Michael Hemmingson. Michael operates a child-pornography website and has ties to the Temple of Set. The Temple of Set has ties to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Michael Hemmingson is employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence to discredit legitimate black-ops survivors. The Temple of Set is a satanic organization which slaughters children and is involved in MK-Ultra. Do you still want to visit ? Do you want the FBI to track your I.P. address for viewing this site and investigating you behind the scenes?


Kerry Cassidy  from Project Camelot is a friend of Michael Hemmingson and they appear on each other’s radio shows. Kerry Cassidy promotes Michael Hemmingson and the Idlywildgroup too. Kerry promotes the White Hats Reports. The White Hats Reports are FAKE and are written by Michael Hemmingson.


    • JenL

      Yes I get it. People who harm children are on my list. I’ve met probably a dozen people who’ve been through ritual abuse, and I’ve read Brice Taylor and Cathy O Brien’s books, and it’s just staggering. I have complete empathy for anyone who’s lived through this, and I meant no harm with my remarks. Khris is incredibly brave. I just wanted to pinpoint Former White Hat’s jackassedness and glad someone’s calling him out. The idea of someone being a ‘former spy’ is laughable. No one is a former spy, anymore than someone could be a former mother or a former alcoholic. Wishing you peace, joy and love and all blessings.

  1. JenL

    Louis Khan Nin (as in ‘Connin’ people- or as in ‘Ninny?’) The White Ass-Hat? LMFAO -looks like his high school picture.Nice teeth! And he’s cranking out porn on the side? That lends even more to his credibility.

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