I was going to do a post on the Super-Soldier issue, but I’ve been trying to hold my peace and work on healing lately. It’s baffling to see how many former black- project survivors have come forward to speak their mind on the issue MK Ultra, Milabs etc. Nobody prompted anybody; we all came forward organically on this matter. I want to state, there is no such thing as a “Super Soldier”.  MK-Ultra did not have a program named Super-Soldier nor were any of the MK-Ultra military-type units labeled Super Soldier 0001 and so on. Super Soldier is a media word. Many that could technically be called “Super Soldiers” have a specific unit name they were given. We all use the term from time-to-time, but it’s a poppycock label that doesn’t really mean anything. It is a term people recognize and so it has been given life to that end. Most people who have been in the government-sponsored black projects around the world despise the term Super-Soldier. The word is sensational. We were abused, tortured and programmed and sent out against our will to do the same things to other people. We now have to live with the fallout everyday. Most of us were not soldiers at all. Most of us were not enlisted nor commissioned into the military. There are a few that come forward that have military experience, but it appears many do not. The word super means ‘above’. We are not above nor below anybody.  The word super is used synonymously with great in many cases. It is not great to kill people, to perform sabotage nor any other diabolical acts against God’s people and this planet.

Please remember thousands of children a week go missing and are conscripted/abducted into these projects. They are tortured, raped, slaughtered and a few are fractured and programmed to become something awful. We must NEVER forget them. We are the only people who can be a voice and advocate for the lost children. Any pecker coming forward for viral hits on YouTube or for mere recognition alone is disgraceful. We deserve to be recognized, but we must tell our experiences in a clear, honest manner without embellishment and exaggeration. The damn governments of the the world will lie and embellish the truth. We cannot help the governments, defeat ourselves and send more children to the slaughter house for recognition or ratings.



  1. Barry King

    The problem being many are NOT as you state formerly used within black-ops, those that fall into the category of delusional wannabes are making a mockery of the research community. This must be stopped, the fantasy hungry joe public thrive on such foolishness and many in backgrounds support and assisting the promotion of these fictional claims. Super soldiers my arse. I tell you if those individuals are real then I am the illuminati and my arsehole is the hub of the global AI.

    • Blue

      HI Barry

      Thanks for your insight.

      Couldn’t agree more that we are starting to see people emerging that say that they are Super Soldiers but are in fact living in “cloud cuckoo” land.

      Best Wishes.


  2. Barry M king

    Very well put Kris, you said what needs to be said, alas too many deaf ears out there. We all live with the guilt, the frustration and the pain. The nightmares endured for years will not go away easily. You have my deep respect, regards, Barry M King

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