*MILABS * MK-ULTRA * Programming Matrixes * My Story & Evidence*

Khris Speaks

Volume VI


Over the last several months I have found wounds on my body that were not there before I went to sleep. These consist of punctures with bruises, inflammation etc.  In August of 2011, I took a photo of my pubic area. I had a mysterious wound with a bruise and a knot down “south”.  Because it is difficult to look down at that particular part of the anatomy (the genital area) and see, I decided to take a digital picture of my pubic area to get a better view. A better view is what I got along with an unexpected surprise.

Upon inspecting the photo, I noticed my penis and testicles had what appeared to be an etheric leech or critter attached to them. After further inspection, I saw in the center what appeared to be a cross of some sort.  I enlarged the photo to see what was going on. Once the photo was enlarged I could see what appeared to be a cube matrix. Cubes inside of cubes inside of other cubes. This freaked me out so much, that I hid the picture and didn’t look at it until December.

In November the book entitled The Hyperspace Helper arrived and in it was a lot of information about programming matrix’s etc.

On Page 115 of the book it states:

Because of most programming is done by males via the root chakra, there are a large variety of sexual issues as a result, ranging from total sexual dysfunction to promiscuity. Sexual identity issues may be prevalent in programmed males.

Swerdlow, Stewart A. The Hyperspace Helper. Saint Joseph MI: Expansions Publishing Inc., 2004

On page 123 of the book it states:

Programming matrix’s are cubes of 13 compartments by 13 compartments. Within each of the 2197 total compartments there is a program or a part of a program. The 13X13X13 cube is chosen because this is the same holographic matrix upon which this physical reality is built. Many programmed people report seeing a cube or some type of matrix.

Swerdlow, Stewart A. The Hyperspace Helper. Saint Joseph MI: Expansions Publishing Inc., 2004

When I read the passages from the Swerdlow book, I had to take the photo back out of mothballs and have another look. Well, well, well, what did I find? I found the root chakra area had been blackened by some type of critter and a cube matrix consisting of 13 cubes.  My mouth fell open and I was in shock. I mean, holy bat shit man! I asked myself, do I really have photographic evidence of  MK Ultra programming in my root chakra? I mean did I really have a smoking gun?

I decided to utilize some Silva Method training to see if I could remove the etheric creature that is attached to my genitals. I counted down to my alpha level and went into my “mental laboratory” and started the process to remove the “thing” from my “thing.” If you haven’t done Silva training, you may not understand the mental laboratory. I attempted to use a pair of tweezers to remove the etheric critter from my genitals and got a terrifying surprise. My red chakra started spinning and I felt something about the size of a mouse run out of my groin area and up my ribs and hide in my chest area. Yes, the “etheric critter” was intelligent enough to know I was about to remove it and got the hell out of dodge. I have not attempted to do this procedure again. I will try another method in the future.

Take a look at these photos! Before anybody says it’s pixelized, please understand the cubes could be seen before the photo was enlarged. Click the photo to see others in the library.