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Light Ship

Khris Speaks

Volume VIII

December 30, 2011

I want to share something different with you all tonight. This is a photo I took in August of this year.  It’s a light ship not far from my house.  To those in power who think think they have the planet all wrapped up in their cocoon of deception, lies and corruption, take a LONG HARD LOOK!  Scum bags, your days are numbered! The cavalry is here and they aren’t respectin’ old arrangements!


Mind Control & MILABS – Implants – Space Command w/Steven Seagal

Khris Talks

Volume I


I’m going to use this forum and bypass YouTube for now. It’s obviously a cesspool on the Tubes and I don’t want to swim in it. After posting my thirty-five minute voice journal a few days ago on YouTube, I got myself some new visitors. Black shadow people walk through my bedroom and even what appeared to be a wall of energy came towards me two nights ago. I’ll admit it, I screamed like a little bitch when that happened. My friend reported seeing them the same night, the tall shadow figures with top hats. The figures mentioned by other military abductees in the past. They walk through my room and the walls when I’m trying to sleep.It’s like being nine years old again, when I saw things floating through my room. Let me spit something else out before I continue. I consider myself an ant, a gnat, a nobody. I’m not looking for recognition or to be known nor am I looking for friends or pity.I got a few messages on YouTube suggesting I’m seeking attention. No, mother -CENSORED,  I just need to talk. If you can’t hack it, then hit the little red x at the top left or right of your browser.  After thirty-five years of holding everything in, I’m a pressure cooker of mixed feelings, emotions and bottled rage. I just need to TALKI don’t even care if anybody reads this as long as I can get it out of my head and into words!  With that said, let’s continue.

I have been blessed (sarcasm) by a high pitched humming/squealing in my right ear for enough months that I’ve lost track of exactly how long. I recently purchased a book titled The Hyperspace Helper by Stewart and Janet Swerdlow. On page 115 of the book it addresses the buzzing or high-pitched noises.

Buzzing, humming, or high-pitched noises while sleeping, especially in the early morning hours, are all attempts to push you out of your body. Out of body experiences, hearing voices, “channeling,” and/or experiencing bone-chilling cold from which you cannot get warm may be symptoms of mind-control. Feeling pressure on your forehead or over the top of your head may be symptoms

Swerdlow, Stewart A. The Hyperspace Helper. Saint Joseph MI: Expansions Publishing Inc., 2004

My head has been an AM radio station as of lately. After my first and second Reiki attunements, I hear  50’s and 60’s music and talk radio shows. Have I become a receiver? Imagine yourself, all tucked in and tired after a nice day on planet Earth. Your right ear is squealing like you put a microphone up to a speaker. You close your eyes and try to deal with it, because quite frankly, it isn’t going to stop anyhow. All of a sudden you hear Doo-wop and other music from an era long gone. The next night the same, but now it sounds like conservative talk radio. There appears to be an implant in my brain that has been damaged by Reiki. Do you think I’m going nuts?

Next, I’ll share a provocative dream that I consider to be a mind control dream. Others will probably disagree, but I’m not asking for opinions right now. I’m standing on the outside of a large black locomotive engine on the forward deck. I’m in a black military uniform of a style and type unknown to me. It looks bad-ass and I feel quite commanding. Here’s where your going to start squirming. Steven Seagal steps out of the locomotive from the main control room. He’s in a similar uniform, just not quite as fancy as mine. He steps in front of me and drops to his knees. He unzips my pants and reaches inside and withdraws my penis from my boxers. He slides my penis in his mouth and holds it in for about 30 seconds.Yes I know how “gay” this sounds. I do not feel aroused or feel like I’m going to climax. I don’t believe I even had an erection. He stops, returns my penis to my boxers, zips me up and he spoke to me. I cannot recall what he said. I know, I know, I can hear you sigh as you read this. I’d like to remember what he said too, I really would. Steven Seagal returns to the doors of the locomotive, but this time they slide open automatically like in Star Trek or something. I start to realize the locomotive is no longer on tracks and we are moving extremely fast. Startled, dumbfounded and confused, I realize the train  is in space. As I turned to re-enter the locomotive, It occurs to me it’s a large ship! Yes, I mean  a spaceship. I stand at the doors and they open for me automatically. Once inside the spaceship, I see Seagal and another man uniformed like us,soldering some electronic components into a something that looked like a round smoke detector. They were composed of  a frosted metal of some alloy I have not seen before. The disks appeared to be miniature flying saucers. Steven Seagal and the other man were so focused and on task, they did not even notice I was there. I walked in front of another set of doors that led to another bay and I woke up.

I think this will end today’s session.