STANDING UP FOR THE TRUTH….OR NOT ( D & M’s) Facebook Message

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There comes a time when slanderous lies can no longer be ignored. There comes a time when you must take action, even when a few of those around you do not wish for you to do so. I am speaking directly about  .

To those law enforcement officials this is being sent to, please read below for an explanation of my urgent request to you to investigate the numerous libelous statements about my person, many of which have publicly accused me directly of heinous crimes and actions associated with recent national tragedies which are blatantly false.

The person(s) who is/are responsible for the content of this blog will be held criminally liable. The person(s) responsible for this blog and its forerunner, have, over the past many months undertaken an operation to libel, cause harm, and to do everything they could to stop me from speaking. So many of their lies have been contained in the vilest and pathetic posts I have ever read. Further, the personal emails I have received from this person(s) are indeed far worse and threatening. I ask that this person(s) be held criminally responsible for these numerous threatening emails he/she/they have sent to me directly.

The person(s) responsible for these two blogs has stated as fact that I was criminally involved in the tragedy that took place in Aurora, Colorado as well as the incident in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. These are libelous criminal statements and will be dealt with. The sheer volume of libelous statements on these blogs about me and others are not only glaringly easy to prove to be negative, they have severely damaged my reputation and I urge all applicable law enforcement to hold the person(s) responsible immediately.

To compound such tragedies with horrible lies and to implicate me in things like this is a blatant breach of the law. It would be a grave disservice, not only to the justice system, but to those who have suffered from these tragedies, to allow this person(s) to continue with these highly criminal acts. The days of hiding behind the internet are over, especially in this situation, where the law has clearly and repeatedly been broken. Do not allow these people to continue to thumb their noses at the law.

Earlier blog posts from this party, we simply filed away and laughed at. However, this latest post crosses the line into criminal liability. Rest assured the proper police authorities in both Aurora, Colorado and Wisconsin have been made aware of these false accusations.

This is not free speech. This is a malicious and forthright act to try and harm our credibility. It stops now. all proper authorities, from the FCC to the U.S. Department of Justice, to MI6 have been notified and will receive copies of this email.

But what is more sickening to me than the people responsible for this blog is the so-called alternative media. Where are they? Some in the alternative media have even gone so far as to praise this blog and its predecessor blog (Confessions of a Former White Hat). This is my statement to all those in the alternative media who supported and continue to support, laughed off, or ignored the postings from these two blogs. My statement is thus:

You are unworthy to make the claim that you speak the truth. The truth is not tabloid news. So many of you would rather promote tabloid news, sell books, get ratings, and fill conference seats than to fight for the truth. These two blogs have never been about free speech. They are about libel and hate. Only three people in the alternative media have ever condemned the writings in these two aforementioned blogs. That is disgraceful. You talk about the mainstream media not standing up for the lies that are told by various governments and their officials. Yet you sit back quietly while this goes on in your community. You are truly a pathetic lot.

The person(s) responsible for the aforementioned blogs are scum and that, in my view, is giving scum a bad name. So again, in my view, anyone, and I do mean anyone, who can support the person(s) who are responsible for these two blogs come from the same scum pond. I will, using the legal system or any other appropriate channels I deem necessary, drag this particular scum into the light of truth.

As I mentioned above, all legal authorities that would have dealings with this have, and are, being notified, as well as the law firm that I will be working with.

One final note: All persons, websites, news outlet sources, etc. who have linked to, re-posted, or cited these websites, will be held criminally liable as well.

So, alternative media. Is there any question where you stand? I feel you in the alternative media have made it very plain indeed just where exactly you stand.


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