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Here We Go… I Was Wondering Why I Was Left Out ♦♣♠♥ Poker Time ♦♣♠♥

Khris Speaks

Volume XXI


I’m only going to address this once. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think or believe about me or my life. This blog is for me and if anybody else gets benefit or confirmation of their own experiences, then it’s a double positive. Any other correspondence from this *censored* will be deleted. Also, if it helps, I never claimed to be in Project Talent.  I knew when I posted about being on Mars, shit might hit the fan. I hope nobody gets splattered.

Mr. Former Mad Hatter, your presence on my blog lets me know my blog is NOT bullshit. If it were bullshit, you would have never bothered. Thanks for the confirmation of mind control, torture and all the fixings and trimmings.  Go play with your Sisterhood of the Flaming Reptile Penis in all it’s  sacred majesty and leave me at peace.

Dirty Troll

Fuckin’ CIA Troll

♦ Alters ♦ Agony ♦ Mars ♦ Love of Self / Selfs ♦

Khris Speaks

Volume XX


Warning: Strong Language

I have been rapidly merging with an alter personality. I think the term alter does no justice to what the circumstance really is . This isn’t just another personality, but another person. This person (ality) has lived and functioned like I have, but in an entirely different reality and apparently in other time lines too. Remember, I had a programming take off last fall and I was  on location with Barack Obama after the New Madrid earthquake.  R.I.P. St. Louis Missouri! I have both loved and hated you. That mega quake hasn’t happened yet, has it? Hmmm, it’s interesting to go back to a time when I was clueless about my programming and listen to my voice recordings. Very telling and very,  very disclosing. Is it not?

One of my alter personalities has begun to assert himself strongly, very strongly into my life and affairs. This is one commanding, have a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up kind of guy. You don’t approach this guy and you don’t speak to him unless you are spoken to. You don’t step in front of him and you don’t look him in the eyes.  He spoke at work one evening and said “I didn’t come to this planet to be nice.” I literally had to stop, rewind, and think about what just ejected from my mouth.  I almost panicked. I thought to myself, “What the hell did I just say?”  Later that evening, he spoke again and said “This is my fucking command!” I just answered with a “Yes Sir” in my thoughts.  He is very strong in personality and doesn’t ask anything. He speaks to you and it’s the word of God. Period! I can feel a profound agony and pain and it’s very difficult to deal and live with. This alter has been through hell and back for sure. I can cut his feelings with a knife at times. I pray to those that administer to the universe for relief and some mercy.  There has been a few times, he wanted to hurt people and I just had to fight it. I fight with his feelings several times a day. I’m certain the condition will improve with a little patience and time.

On March 2nd, when I rolled onto my left side and was facing East, I had a strange electrical impulse that came from my solar plexus area. A tiny beam of light was visible coming from my solar plexus. That is when I felt what Barack Obama was feeling and it was not good. It was a feeling of despair and anguish.  I am now convinced this was my alter and he has an empathic connection to Obama and not me. I, Khris, do not hate Barack Obama, but do not have the utmost respect for the man. My alter seems to have a very strong connection and respect for Barack Obama.  I still contend that some event is on the horizon that will permanently change things for Barack. It may be months away, but it’s coming.

I was notified today of my involvement in assembling structures on Mars. I was told that I have spent an incredible amount of time on Mars with other people. I received details of the suit I wore that looks similar to desert camouflage. I could breathe there but I did have a respirator pack that I could get oxygen from if I needed it. I always listened very intently to the “whistle blowers” about Project Pegasus.  I’m not going to tell you that I remember Major Ed Dames because I DON’T.

I’m finding a new love and respect for myself as I continue to remember and experience the agony of merging with alters and reliving the electrocution during the torture. That happens more than I want to admit. It’s scary to have your muscles start to hammer and then feel current going through your heart. I used to not have such a great respect for myself, but now that I know what I’ve been through and the fact I’m still alive makes me feel a profound sense of love for my own existence. I even have a great love for my alter personalities. I may never know exactly what they have experienced in totality and I may not want to know.


My 20th Post! Odds ‘N’ Ends

Khris Speaks

Volume XIX


I wanted to put on the record that I am feeling some strong empathic feelings concerning Obama. Two nights ago, while attempting to sleep, my thoughts went to Obama and my solar plexus area started to have intense electrical impulses. I could feel he was struggling with some issues. It was a lonely feeling -almost hopeless in its nature. I felt as if his back was against the wall on some issue. Recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio had joined the ranks of those claiming his birth certificate was a fraud. Then there is the Andrew Breitbart conspiracy running concurrently along with the Arpaio and Iran issues. I really feel some imminent event is upon us. I can’t say what it is, but it will involve or profoundly affect Obama in some matter.

A dream two nights ago revealed some huge spiders that may be making their way to our everyday lives. I was with a group of people and we were gawking at what appeared to be a common house spider, but instead of being the size of a dime and weighing a gram or two, this one was modified to be several pounds and bigger than a shoe. Yesterday when I sat down to do deep breathing and some Silva training, I had a scene play under my eyelids of another strange variety of black spider running around a waste can. This one appeared to have dual sets of eight legs. I don’t know if it can technically be called an arachnid with sixteen legs, but it was a creepy frackin’ spider-ish bug if nothing else.

I have been casting out demons and I am noticing something at night now. I am waking up and seeing little red lights or tiny orbs that are red in color. They do not approach, but I am thinking that I may need to do a full house blessing and possibly do some smudging and get them out. I have a feeling as I have been purging demons from my body they have not left the house and are lurking around. It’s not scary, but it’s strange to wake up at 4 a.m. and see a red light peeking around the corner at you.


Poltergeist Dream ♥Little Monarch Girl♥?

Khris  Speaks

Volume XVIII


In December, I had a terrible dream. I was struggling with PTSD and the emotional pain I experienced in October when the boys were shot.  I was at my breaking point emotionally and I was a powder keg about to explode. One night, I had a dream where I was in an older house. It appeared to have older furniture, but I can’t date it.  I was in a girl’s bed room and I was looking around. There was a four post bed with a canopy and a nice chest of drawers. I noticed a small rocking chair that was made with unfinished wood. I was looking at the mirror and silver items on the dresser, complete with brushes, combs etc. when I heard the rocking chair start to rock,  I turned around and saw the chair was rocking on its own. I immediately became very stressed and did not want to witness this phenomenon. I remember thinking, I don’t need this right now; I can’t take much more. I must have been somewhat lucid or was functioning in the astral.  Out of frustration, I took a brush off of the dresser and tossed it into the seat area of the rocking char. The chair instantly stopped rocking and after five seconds it started rocking again very fast. As it picked up speed, a little girl appeared. I surmise she was approximately six year old. She had shoulder length brunette hair.  She was in a full length white dress. This dress was more like a formal church dress, not a casual everyday type of garment.  All of a sudden, she got a look of pure rage on her face. She straitened her arms down to her side with clinched fists. She stood on her tip toes and gave me a look of pure disgust. Next, the entire room began to stack itself. The bed, furniture, lamps etc. all stacked themselves in a manner that normal physics would not allow. As an example: The bed was balancing on a lamp and the dresser was stacked on some toys. Any person attempting to replicate this could probably not do it a million out of a million times.

I forced myself awake and was completely dumbfounded. I could understand the poltergeist activity with the furniture stacking. That kind of activity can occur during hormonal changes and or extreme emotional duress. I could not understand the presence of the little girl. A few days ago, while at work, I started thinking about this little girl and the way she looked at me. I thought about that formal white dress and it started to work my mind over a little.  I am concerned that I may have killed that little girl. I mean she was the right age, a child, and again there was the pretty little Monarch-esque dress she had on.  Even writing this now, I am getting vertigo and a strange electrical impulse through my body.  Did she visit me from beyond? Perhaps a door was opened for her to show her anger and anguish over what happened. Was she a victim of my Monarch delta programming?  I may never know until I find a medium or psychic that can help me.  I am an empath, but cannot detach enough to assess this with my own feelings.

I can only hope she will forgive me and understand If I did harm or kill her, I was impaired and not in control of my mind or actions. ♥


Pys Ops – Nine Digit Calls – Email Texts – Blood Draw Photo

Khris Speaks



I’ve been getting calls from nine digit numbers. Once, I asked a person to listen and they heard clicking and static. The T-Mobile tech department has instructed me these nine digit numbers are spoofs of another individual’s phone. The gentleman told me it is illegal and can be traced. He told me there is remedy, but I’m not giving these dark lords the effort or waste my time beyond this post.

Cell phone calls:

541-202-229 February 29 7:29 p.m.

541-222-243 February 22 7:43 p.m.

541-222-030 February 22 5:30 p.m.

541-241-451 February 7th 8:14 p.m.

541-241-451 January 24, 11:52  a.m.

Text Messages sent by email:


jpu 02 wx February 18, 3:30 a.m.


.c.jyo 6686 qg February 17, 12:32 p.m.

I got blood drawn from my foot because the abductors were aware I found the punctures on my arm. So, a few nights after my nasty abduction in early February, I got taken again and this time they took blood from my foot. I have a photo of  it.   You can see the puncture over a large vein!

Oh, to the assholes attempting to make me feel a profound love of Vampires after I wrote about my werewolf experiences! Honestly, I have to laugh! Good one, but I’m onto it! Now go find something else to do.

Blood † Semen † Ceremony – Was I born on March 25th by design?

Khris Speaks

Volume XVI


After visiting mighty Sarah Stanga’s web blog and listening to her testimony, a door opened in my mind and I had to explore the possibility my birth may have been manipulated for ceremonial purposes. I already know I’m a Monarch/MK Ultra and MILABS survivor, but reading Sarah’s web blog sparked another investigation into my life.

I remember my mother being in a black dress in one of my Hillary Clinton dreams. At the time I had this dream, I didn’t know I was a Monarch or MILAB, but now I have to reconsider the value of that information. Also, when I was preparing to receive my Reiki attunements, my mother came to my friend in the astral and told her she was concerned about the ceremony because there were “secrets” about me. With both of these facts in hand, I am beginning to think my mother is a Monarch lady herself. Also, I must mention my Godmother. I have had a reoccurring dream of her teaching me how to levitate, fly and move objects with my feelings. I have had this dream many times and it is always at night time at her house. I am about five years old in the dream. I have to at least entertain the idea she’s a Monarch lady too. I also must consider the notion my family may be a multigenerational family in the big scheme of mind control etc.

My name is Khristan (pronounced Christian) and my father told me when I was thirty-two years old, my name was spelled that way by mistake. I asked how that could be. Father told me he was intoxicated and had been smoking purple haze the night my mother’s water broke. They were not expecting me that evening even in the slightest. My mother had a rough labor of many, many hours and finally I arrived. I was born at 2:15 a.m., Thursday, March 25th. My parents had a boy but allowed the name to be misspelled and have a feminine attribute. Could my father under the influence of drugs and alcohol given in to an entity? Also, since my mother was in labor for so many hours, could my father had still been drunk and stoned when I was born?  In the 1970’s, birth data would have been typed up by somebody for sure. I would have thought that either my mother or father would have found a nurse and corrected the spelling. Why let a huge mistake like this go uncorrected?  My friend showed me how the letter ‘I’ missing at the end of my name and if the letter ‘C’ was used instead of a ‘K’, how it would change my numerology chart. My numerology chart had a 22/4 master challenge for my first thirty plus years. My friend said that was extremely difficult for a child to come in with a 4 challenge let alone a 22/4 master challenge.

The reason I had to explore the idea my birth chart may have been manipulated is because my blood and semen have been taken many times and I have dream/memory recalls of doing ceremonies. These consist of me speaking Latin and casting circles and calling up demons. I have had dreams of Sex Magick as well. I have had astral sex as well as an encounter sexually with a werewolf. The werewolf had body strength of titanium. His strength was super-human. His body was covered in what was similar to Terrier dog hair but longer and pricklier. You could see the muscles in his legs and body. He had pointy dog ears and red eyes. His penis was completely covered in hair and his erection was like a piece of stone. I had two middle aged men behind me and they were taking turns sodomizing me. I was between seventeen and eighteen years old when this incident happened.

As for many MK Ultra babies, the powers that be in the organization try to get the father out of the picture. In 1980 or 1981, my father, at the age of 30 years old, suffered a severe heart attack. The hospital tried all the usual cardiac drugs without success. My mother signed a stack of papers that evening giving consent to the doctor in charge to utilize experimental drugs. None of those drugs worked either. It appeared my father’s arteries were clamping off. He was in good general health before this event.The doctor did not give up on my father and as he went into cardiac arrest, he defibrillated my father every few minutes to put him back into a normal heart rhythm. If the doctor didn’t continue that for an extended time, my father would not have lived. I believe a death-hook signal or a psychic attack was launched against my father to get him out of the picture. Several months later, my parents divorced.  It seemed they couldn’t kill him, so they split my parents up. After that, my mother had help raising me from an aunt and uncle. My uncle was extremely aggressive and violent.

It appears March 25th had more value under the Julian calendar than the Gregorian. I’ve been calling it the Alpha and Omega day. Many things in media, including books, TV shows etc. are released on March 25h. It is the first day of the year on the Julian calendar. Some think March 25th was the crucifixion of Jesus. March 25th seems to be a day where things are brought to a start or a conclusion.

Some events on March 25th through the years:

  1. Judy Garland gave her final performance of over the rainbow on March 25th 1969
  2. On this date in 1882, the Grand Lodge of Arizona was organized (Masonic)
  3. On this date in 1902, Sir Winston Churchill received his 3rd degree in Studholme Lodge #1591, London (Masonic)
  4. The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday March 25 2010 (trivial, but an example of a start date)
  5. March 25, 1957 in Rome, Italy, the signing of the Treaty of Rome took place which brought in the European Union according to many sources.
  6. There are other Pagan and Satanic important days that are not holidays; one of them is the date of March 25th. This day is called Stork Day, which also stands for the birth of. It is also said that Snakes came out of their burrows on this day; it is the rise of the Snakes and the Beast. Remember that Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons represent Satan also.  (http://www.tbns.net/antoniomccoy/ExposingTheSatanist.html)
  7. March 25th is the day of the Annunciation celebrated by Catholic and other religions
  8. Many tournaments like Golf etc. open on March 25th
  9. Graduations/Commencements are popular on March 25th
  10. March 25th in The Lord of the Rings is the date of the destruction of the Ring of Power.

To be objective, I have reminded myself that events and situations happen on all calendar days and in no way do I wish my birthday to be a ceremonial day for the Luciferians. At this time, I have to say that it is inconclusive as to the possibility I was engineered to be born on Thursday, March 25th, 1976 at 2:15 a.m.  My name is written feminine but pronounced masculine. I know my natal chart has seven signs in water and four in fire. Three of the four fire signs are in Aries.  I’m certain the astrological value of my birth time was of great value to the dark lords.

My natal chart can be viewed here:


In closing, I encourage all MK Ultra/Monarch survivors to explore the circumstances around their birth as well the possibility their family is multigenerational.



Dreams and Out of Body Experiences – My YouTube Voice Logs

Khris Speaks

Volume XIV


This post will be my YouTube videos about dreams and Out of Body Experiences. Some of you have already heard these, but I want to add them to my web blog for everyone that is interested.

In the first video, my voice is a little lower and darker. This video log was recorded in the first few weeks after waking up to being a MILABS survivor. My voice changes when I’m reliving the trauma.

This video is about Hillary Clinton and some interesting experiences with her.

This video is about trying to get a college campus to wake the students up.

This dream is where I was with President Obama after the New Madrid earthquake destroyed St. Louis Missouri.

I had this dream and then the Fukushima meltdown happened and all of the flooding in the Midwest took place.

This video log is an experiences I had at Applebees with an ADC or After death communication.